13 proven ways to put your baby to sleep. You’ll never need anything else!

Did you listen to music as a child? There is enough research to prove that babies who listen to high quality music from womb onwards go on to appreciate the arts. Scientists also say that music can enhance mathematical abilities in the child and help in improving synapses in the brain. Music can calm the mind and thus energize the body to achieve more.

The reason why a child sleeps better when you hold him/upright next to your chest is because they can hear the sound of your heart beat. That’s right... the old lub-dub-dub. However, the second you put them down, they wake up. Sounds familiar?

We have a solution. Music!

Since World Music Day (June 21st) is almost here, this is a definitive list of some super classy songs that I know kids sleep to. Don’t see your regional classic in this? My bad, please send us a link of your favourite songs and help us make this a master list for all parents to enjoy as they put their lil ones to bed. We are waiting!

1. Varam Thanda Samiiki

This absolute gem from the movie Sippikul Muthu by Ilayaraja should be somewhere on the top of your list. The song is beautifully captured by the simple cloth ‘thuli’ in which the baby is put to bed.

2. Jag Ja ri Gudiya

This is one of the loveliest songs from the movie Omkara. Lyrics and melody join together to form a song redolent of love for a sleeping baby.

3. Vavavo Vavarungu

If you are a Malayali, you will in all probability know this masterpiece by Chitra. However the tune is lovely enough for the whole country. The simple beat helps in patting the child down into a deep slumber.

4. Purano shei diner kotha

This Bengali ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ is lovely in its meaning as well as tune. If you know the song you can hum along and be transported to another world of joys and friendships, secrets and laughter.... everything we know you wish for your child.

5. Auld Sang Lyne

Don’t dismiss this classic as a “foreign song”. This one is traditionally sung for New Year’s Eve to augur a coming year, but works beautifully for a sleeping child for whom the next day may as well be a new year!

6. Teri laadki mei

If you have a daughter, your eyes will brim-up when you listen to this one. With a certain Gujarati flavour to it, this song has to make it to your baby’s sleep play list!

7. Tu mane ya na mane

While this is a super popular song by the Wadali Brothers, there are some scarily Bollywood-ized versions of this melodious number. We urge you to stay away from those and listen to this classic one. The earthiness of the song can only be felt without the tamasha of over synchronisations that our mainstream films are famous for.

8. Jab se tune Mujhe Deewana bana rakha hai

Abida Parveen’s sufi tunes can be uplifting and soul touching. True, you child can’t understand the music yet. However, that is not a good reason to keep him/her away from such wonderful songs!

9. Moh moh ke dhaage

Remember to tone down the volume and you are good to go. This song is soft and applies beautifully to the parent child equation. How often have you fallen for that one blink or that half smile your baby gives you. If that isn’t ‘moh’ what is?

10. Yaakaluve Ele Ranga

This absolutely lovely lullaby in Kannada by Sowmya Raoh is perfumed by the red earth of the Karnataka soil. After you listen to it a few times, we bet you’d have memorized it yourself and be humming it yourself at strange times of the day.

11. Sun Sun Nanhe Lori Ki Dhun

Soft and hummable, this one is nice on the ears too. The words are easy and the beat simple.

12. Marathi lullaby

Limb Rod Utaru Kashi Asashi Dur Lamb Tu

Ethun Drusht Kadhite Nimish Ek Thamb Tu

The animation in the video is lovely, but for now the tune should suffice in putting your little one to sleep.

13. Jo Jo Laali Naa Haaduve Chinna Ninna Muddaduve

Yesudas’s haunting Kannada melody is a favourite amongst many moms across Karnataka. Find your how your little one responds to this tune.

14. Vatapatra Saayiki varahala laali

This is the original Telugu version of the first song on the list. One can never have too much of a good thing!