11 totally workable ways to care for your son’s skin and hair this winter

winter skin care for boys
Boys’ body needs pampering too as winters can be harsh on everyone. And with them being always on the move, it gets all the more important to take care so that their skin and hair don’t look dull, scaly and undernourished.Start with the skin
  • The easiest thing to do would be to catch hold of your son and rub some of your body lotion on to his face, arms and legs. But they probably hate your floral, fruity fragrances, so it would be a good idea to get one exclusively for them. There are a number of brands that sell kids moisturisers that are perfume-free, dermatologically tested and allergy screened. (This is important for their delicate young skin) E45 is one of them and is available online. One thing to keep in mind is that lotions tend to be lighter in winter whereas creams and ointments work better. Petroleum jelly or aloevera gel are good options too.
If your son has sensitive skin or an inflammatory condition then a hydrocortisone cream that is sold over the counter is good. But please don’t use it without your doctor’s advice.However if you do not want to use any commercial creams then here are a few home remedies that are very effective as moisturisers.
  • Natural Oils: Rubbing some coconut or almond oil on their face and limbs immediately after bathing makes their skin soft, gives it a healthy glow and protects it from microbes. If they are uncomfortable with lingering oiliness then you may massage this oil an hour before bathing and wash it off well during the bath.
  • Oats: They are excellent moisturisers, anti-inflammatory agents and exfoliators. Mix two tbsps powdered oats to their bath water with a little bit of olive oil. If you want to use whole oats then you can tie them up in a muslin cloth and soak the bundle in the water for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Ice: Placing a few ice cubes in a plastic bag, and rubbing it on the skin improves the circulation of the blood vessels, and helps get rid of the winter itch due to dryness.
  • A COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER: This is a great remedy for skincare in winter because it helps maintain the room moisture levels during winters. It is a plug in machine that is available in pharmacies. But you have to make sure you clean it regularly.
  • SUNSCREENS: Contrary to the belief, winter sun harms the skin more than in summer and kids are out playing most of the time. So rubbing sunscreens on their face andbody at least a couple of times during the day even when they are indoors, helps protect their skin.
 Hair and there
  • A chemical-free shampoo: Adult shampoos have chemicals called anionics in them that create more lather but end up drying hair further. But as grown-ups use conditioners and other products the moisturising is taken care of. This, however, doesn’t happen with kids so using a kids/baby shampoo is a better option to keep hair nourished. It is advisable for school-going kids to wash their hair daily. For the irritating static in the hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner for kids.
  • Oils, once more: A 10-minute massage on your boy’s scalp in circular motions is enough for the hair to grasp what it has to from the oil. You can warm the oil a little and apply before bath.
Coconut, almond and jojoba oil is good for moisturising while sunflower oil is good for dull, damaged and dry hair. Olive oil is a multipurpose oil.
  • Medicated shampoo: If your son has developed dandruff and an itchy, dry scalp due to the winter, then, this is what you do. Comb his hair before bathing to remove the flakes and then use a medicated shampoo or one with salicylic acid, twice a week. On other days, regular kid’s shampoo can be used. You may skip using the oils as they tend to exacerbate dandruff.
  • Apple cider vinegar rinse: A rinse with this once in a month helps to increase hair porosity, or the ability to absorb and maintain moisture.
  • Dry hair naturally: Using a hair dryer can damage your son’s hair as well as dry it further this winter.
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