100% HOTTER Sex – Thrill your body by shacking-up at this time!

Don’t let your sex life get into a rut. The effect of good sex is incalculable on your mental and physical health. Experts say that your sexual health will greatly depend on you keeping it fun and adventurous with the passage of time.

Sex and the body clock are closely interlinked. Because of its effect on the body and mind, experts have identified a general time zone when our sex drive peaks.

Do this and tell us if it made any difference in the bedroom!

If you are in your 20s

Try new things and experiment in this phase as sex is still an exciting fresh thing for you and your body. In this phase sexual desire peaks in the afternoon between 3 and 4! So take an extended lunch break from your office and meet your partner at a cozy place. Because the time is right and the experience is so fresh, you are likely to have the most explosive action of your life!

If you are in your 30s

At this stage you are confident about your sexual needs. In this phase your sexual desires peak between 8 and 9 in the morning! That’s right. Not only are you relaxed after the night’s rest your testosterone levels rise with the bright light of the sun. Your body feels ready for action. Here’s the excuse you always wanted to reach work an hour late.

If you are in your 40s

Believe it or not, 40s is the best time when it comes to the bedroom. Children are settling down and you are raring to go as soon as evening settles in! The best time to have sex at this age is between 9 and 10 at night! So skip those long winded post-dinner conversations and head to the sack!

If you are in your 50s

This is the time of extreme changes in your body. This is also the time when people go for the best creams and libido-boosters to rake up their waning desires. The best time to have sex now is right before going to bed.

60s and beyond

By the 60s, sexual energy begins to wane. An occasional session of sex is the best you can expect. Yet when the mood strikes you the best time to have sex is when you are feeling emotional about your partner. When a cuddle or hug can transform into something meaningful and lasting.

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