10 Ways to Help your Child make “Real Friends” for Life!

While one may imagine that children make friends easily because they do not have the prejudices that adults come with, sometimes children also need to be taught how to behave in order to make friends. In today’s world of networking, having the ability to make friends has become an important skill which is better learnt while one is young , just like any other skill.1. Saying Hello: The simplest things can be a stumbling block for a child to make friends. If your child is too shy to say hello practice with him/her on how to do it. Kids find themselves tongue tied sometimes- a little practice at home can make it easier.2. Making eye contact: Shy kids do not want to make eye contact- they tend to look away or look down giving the impression that they are not interested in the other person. Teach your child to talk while looking at a person’s eyes.3. Sharing: Sharing does not come naturally to many kids. But sharing can really open up many relationships. Encourage your child to invite a child to come over and play with his new toy. Teach your child how she/he can gain the friendship of other kids through sharing.4. Complimenting: People naturally like others who complement them. This is true for middle school and higher grade kids. Show your child how complementing a person genuinely if something is nice about them, makes them approachable and friendly.

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5. Being Bossy: When your child is young, he/she maybe unaware that his bossy nature is alienating everyone. Show him how no one likes a bully or a bossy friend in the play ground. Teach him that he has to give everyone a chance and take turns as well.

6. Encourage friends to come home: Make your home a friendly place where your child feels comfortable bringing his friends. This will make him popular!7. Being Polite: Saying please and thank you can go a long way in building good relationships. Teaching our kids the fundamental building blocks of being polite and civil will help them make friends.8. Listen: Your child may come with a big list of complaints about his friends. Lend him your ear even if you find it silly or ridiculous. Empathise with him and give him useful tips on how he can handle it better next time.9. Counsel them on Rejections: We don’t like everyone and our kid might also be rejected by another child. This could be crushing for your child. Counsel your child through this process without being dismissive.10. Don’t push it: If your child is uncomfortable with another child, do not force her to make friends just because she is in the neighbourhood. Give her space and she will soon enough figure out whether the friendship is important or not.

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As natural as building friendships is, it can also be difficult for some kids especially introverted children. By giving them a few pointers and teaching them the basics of good relationship building, you can make it easier for your child to make friends. Until then... be the best friend you can! :)There's no doubt that parents can befriend their kids in the best way possible. See here to know what else should you definitely share with your children!Featured Image Source