10 Ways to Grow Spiritually Through Your Child

spiritual growth because of kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent
William Wordsworth had said that a child is the father of man. The phrase may mean different things to different people, but to me, it simply means that there is a lot that we can learn from our children. Here are 10 ways in which we can learn how to be more ‘spiritual’ – and embody more of the spirit spark, which is our true self – by just observing our children and contemplating upon their free spirited natural behavior.

grow spirituallywith children- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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1. Look into their eyes – Look deeply into your children’s eyes and see the Light. Remember that each child comes with a remembrance of Light. Consider your child an angel in disguise, who has come to you as a companion for life. Notice how their innately kind, caring and compassionate nature reflects itself through their eyes.2. Connect with their spontaneity – Observe your children’s simplicity, spontaneity and connection with the ‘here and now’. See how they are not limited by the concept of time; and how easily they can lose themselves in play. Wonder if this is the reason why they can laugh so easily and remain ever joyful. See how they invigorate, stimulate and enliven the atmosphere around them – squealing in delight without caring who might be watching them. Notice how they don’t have a care in the world, because they are not bogged down by what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow.3. Satisfy their desire to be loved – Notice how your children’s inmost desire to be loved gets expressed as their desire to please you. Notice the innocence - and the lack of duplicity, labored refinement, affectation or sophistication. Contemplate if their beauty has something to do with an absence of masks.4. See possibilities – Connect with their go-getter attitude, which always sees possibilities. Learn from them how to say what you think and express what you desire – to mean what you say and to say what you mean without fearing what people might say. Notice how they say outrageous things with zero inhibitions – openly and honestly.5. Believe in perfection – Observe their fearlessness and the belief in their perfection. See how they are unafraid of displaying their ignorance; and how they create everything with gay abandon.

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6. Learn to wonder – Enter their make-believe world and see everything around them with wonder. Become a part of their imaginary and visionary life. See how they continuously try out new things and take risks. Take inspiration from their innovative and curious nature, and explore everything with a beginners’ mind. Copy their sense of adventure and exploration through role-playing. Look at role-playing as a way of doing things from different perspectives. See the world through their eyes, as a wondrous source of immense fascination. Play their pretend games and take delight in what catches their fancy. Discover yourself as you discover them, becoming a sponge that soaks up everything.7. Be tenacious – Notice how tenacious your children are – and how they don’t take no for an answer. Learn how to be eternally optimistic without giving up easily.8. Be vulnerable – Observe how they are open to failure and don’t make much fuss about losing (until you teach them to win at any cost). See how objective they are about their weaknesses and vulnerability.9. Learn to trust – See how completely your children love you. Feel their confidence and trust in you. Notice their immense faith that all their needs will be provided for. Observe how they believe everything that you tell them without an iota of doubt.10. Let go – Learn their ability to let go. See how their disappointments are but momentary, as they soon find something else to be excited about.Featured Image Source