10 Unconventional Board Games for Indoor Monsoon Fun

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Is the monsoon holding up your kids indoors? Children can really miss their outdoor playtime during rainy days. Why not make the most of these days, as there are a innumerable ways to spend time indoors and have fun!Board Games are a fun way to learn how to follow rules, plan, pre-empt other players’ moves, strategize and stay focused. Best part about playing board games is they teach children to wait for their turn and play in harmony with one another, be fair and stick to the rules, and learn how to be okay with losing at the game too. They are an excellent way to bond as a family, while you also create the opportunity for your little ones to develop skills like problem solving and thinking creatively.Popular board games like Ludo; Snakes and Ladders; Monopoly; Scrabble; Chinese Checkers and Chess are played for years now. There are also a number of unconventional board games, which are equally strategic and educative. Here’s a list of 10 such atypical board games for some indoor fun this rainy season:

indoor board games- Parenting resources by ZenParent

1. Pictureka! This is a fun game with lots of spontaneous thinking and guessing. It encourages the players to be very observant as they have to quickly scan small pictures across the board, looking for a specific picture. The player who finds the maximum number of cards within a short span is the winner. The game is fun for two players and the excitement just keeps increasing as the number of players increase.Suggested Age: 6+Number of Players: 2-72. OthelloAlmost as strategically designed as chess, this game for 2 is very engrossing. Both players take turns to place their coin in a regulated position, while turning any of the opposing player’s pieces. Each player plays to convert the opponents’ game pieces into his team’s colour. This game increases children’s strategic thinking ability, not to mention our own!Suggested Age: 8+Number of Players: 2

indoor board games for kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. Game of LifeJust as the name suggests, this board game takes the players through everyday life events like going to college, working, raising a family, buying a home and retiring. The goal of the game is to gather as many assets as possible by the end of the game. Assets are earned by working and earning tokens amounting to the money that they earn.Suggested Age: 6-12Number of Players: Best with 44. Indian Safari/ Asian SafariThis is a favourite with my kids. The game has a spinner pinned to India/ Asia Map. Spin the needle, identify the state/ country, gain points and then answer questions based on various themes like natural resources, buildings and monuments, agriculture, industry and many more. A fun way to get acquainted with geography, indeed! I quite disliked the subject in my school days. Wish I had played this game then, as I can see my daughter’s face light up every time she comes across maps, capitals and the like. Thanks to this game!Suggested Age: 9+Number of Players: 2-6. More the merrier!

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5. Around the World: With trivia cards based on themes of Geography like People and Places, Culture, Language and Customs, this game lets you “travel” all over the world. Children can learn new and exciting things about countries and cultures.Suggested Age: 8+Number of Players: 2-66. Boggle: A great game to build your child’s vocabulary and get him/ her thinking fast. This word game is timed and needs players to find as many connected words as possible from the grid in 3 minutes. The excitement only builds up as you progress along the grid and proceed with the game. Also, your child can play this by himself/herself if he/she doesn’t find company.Suggested Age: 8+Number of Players: 1-8

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7. TwisterNot a typical board game, but definitely a fun indoor pastime, where you can give your limbs some exercise. Spin on; to place you left foot on green, left hand on yellow, right foot on blue and right hand on red! Easy-peasy you think?!! Sorry grown-ups, with your highly flexible little ones, this one will be tough to crack!Suggested Age: 4+ (even for adults)Number of Players: As many as you can pool up!8. Jenga BlocksAnother unconventional indoor game; this one is about arranging these blocks and removing them one by one without disturbing the entire setup and toppling them down. It helps kids build strategy and perseverance while playing the game. You can also sometimes get creative and make Jenga more fun. Write a fun command on each block. The player who pulls it out gets to carry out the command and you could repeat this until the tower comes crashing down.Suggested Age: 5+Number of Players: 2 to 69. Connect 4A simple strategy game designed to enhance logical thinking, this game can keep the kids occupied for long. As they keep playing, the kids will figure a way to plan effectively to drop the checkers into the slots tactically.Suggested Age: 5+Number of Players: 2 to 6

kids playing indoor board games- Parenting resources by ZenParent

10. SequenceA Board and Card game involving logic and strategy, this game has a card deck of 52 cards, except for the Jacks, laid in a 10*10 pattern. The players create rows, columns and diagonals of connected checkers placed on the cards. The player who finishes a specified number of connections first is the winner.Suggested Age: 7+Number of Players: 2-12Image Source: Google Images