10 types of friends every Mommy needs

If you have had kids much before everyone else in your elite gang of girls, I’ve got bad news for you sistah... Your friends won’t get it. They’ll want to be there for you, will talk to you and text you as you look after your children 24X7, but no one can really be there for you unless they’ve done it themselves too. You don’t need to be BFFs with these 10 types of women but you’re going to need them anyway –1. The “been there done that” momma – This is someone with kids a year or two older than your own. She’s got the answer to everything – from how to deal with night grunting to where to find the best kiddo bargains. She’ll be your best resource on every conceivable topic. And your new best friend.

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2. The “I-have-no-clue-what-I’m-doing” momma – What goes around, comes around. This is your shot at being the expert and passing the knowledge. Make a mental note to talk to this person right after you talk to the number 1 friend listed here. You’ll thank me for the ego boost.3. The “same boat” momma – You guessed it. The person who gave birth to a kid right around the time you did. This person is invaluable – that validation that everything happens similarly across families. Maybe, maybe not, it’s still going to be invaluable.

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4. The "playdate" momma – This is a no-brainer. This is the mom whose kids your kid likes. It’s super easy to arrange play dates, and free your time too. And it doesn’t matter if you mommies get along or not. You need each other to watch for your kids and get some free time at the end of that bargain.5. The "stress buster" buddy – This friend can have 4 kids or none, it doesn’t matter. She’s the one you are going to call when you want to vent/de-stress. They not just listen, but then they enhance your day with jokes or anecdotes or can whisk you off to the spa while the husband watches over the kids. She’s your lifeline, momma.

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6. The "Mary Poppins" aunt type – She loves you or your kids or both. And so, she’s ready to come over and free up some time for you while she does role playing with your kids, or makes PlayDoh patisserie while you just indulge in some random conversation or actually head out the door for that ages overdue haircut.7. The "reality checker" – You need her to tell you what is, as is. Sometimes we all go overboard, with things. Being overwhelmed, planning the perfect birthday party, whatever. You need this friend to cut the unnecessary, overly self-made promises to seek perfection in everything for your kids and to chase you to tell you if it’s all okay or not. Even if you hate her in the moment, you will need her to keep you grounded.

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8. The "childless friend" – For however long it lasts, this friend will be your portal to the childless world. She is probably updated with fashion, with styles, the latest tech, whatever. And if you can have a girls night out, she’ll be glad to arrange a memorable one for you.9. The "nice gal" – She’s genuinely nice. She makes frozen meals for you, brings something for your kid every time she visits, packs snacks whenever you’re meeting out, etc. Just make sure you appreciate her – a gift card or a return of favor when possible will be a wonderful acknowledgment of her efforts for you.

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10. The "wicked witch" – This is a gal who has a mean streak, someone who upstages you, who shows off, who is sometimes intolerable. What better person to provide fodder for all your conversations with others when you run out of baby stuff to talk about? Trust me, you need her. (Evil grin)Featured Image SourceWhat type of a mom are you? Find it out here...