10 Tips to take Great pictures of your Kids

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Taking pictures is now the shared passion of many of us. We live in the selfie age and we want to record every moment of our wonderful lives. We also want to record the precious moments in our children’s lives . Here are a few tips to get some good pictures of our kids.1. Candid Pictures : “Say Cheese” pictures are outdated. Candid pictures are so much more fun. Catch your kids at moments when they are not looking at the camera , or immersed  in an activity or playing a game or talking to a friend. Remember, candid pictures are one of the best shots of kids. Those are so much more fun that staring at your lens and saying 'Cheese' :)2. Get down to their height : Get down to the level of your child and shoot a picture of them. Those come out much better than shooting from the height of an adult.

cute kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. Close ups : It is not necessary to always accommodate your child head to toe into the frame. Shoot a close up of the face or just a part of them for a more dramatic effect. A giggling child or an adorable yawn prove to be super cute photos of children.4. Focus on the eyes : When you are taking a picture of the child, focus on the eyes of the child to get an effective image.5. Talk to them : If you want to get the best expression out of your kids, start talking to them about a favourite subject of theirs and then catch them in the act.6. Off Angles : Traditionally we all tend to position the subject matter at the centre of the frame. Try off kilter angles for a more interesting effect.

cute kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

7. Burst mode for action pictures: Trying to catch kids in action usually results in a lot of blurry pictures. Put your camera in burst mode and catch the action. You are sure to land with at least a couple of good ones.8. Use Enhancer Apps : A lot of us take pictures on our phones. Today, there are apps galore to enhance pictures to make even regular pictures look amazing. Get an app like Snapseed, Photo FX and add value to your pictures.

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9. Prune down : The digital age has given us the luxury of taking 20 pictures of the same scene. But unfortunately at the end of the event if we do not clear the extras , we land up with too much digital clutter which is not productive at all. Prune it 'then and there' for more effective picture management.10. Make a Yearly photo book : Today, each of us click at least a thousand pictures every year. From this pile cull out your best pictures and events of the year and make a nice little photo book and put it on your bookshelf. The chances of you looking at these albums are far more than clicking through a thousand pictures. It is so worth the effort!