How YOU can relax during #exams

Exam time stress isn’t just for your kid. They’re a huge source of worry and tension for you too, whether you like it or not. I’ve been through them all, and I mean all, and done everything in order to feel better. So I’ve got years of practice. So here’s my bonafide, foolproof list that will keep you sane, at the very least.

  • Aim for a positive result rather than a perfect one. Accepting your (as well as your kid’s) capacity goes a long way in helping you set your expectations from the exam. Academics are, after all, just a part of life and most parents survive despite of their kid’s average grades.
  • Unknown fear by the brain is projected as nervousness. So how about sitting with your kid and getting a clear picture as to where she stands. That allows you to prepare yourself for the outcome.
  • The moment you have packed your kid off to school, stop imagining that his pen stopped working or he spilled water on his paper. Focus on work, visit a friend, or even pick up a hobby.
  • If you are the type that eats in anxiety then, try dark chocolate, walnuts and almonds that are rich in flavonoids. They help you not only to stay cheerful and relaxed, but help you remember what you have taught your kid.
  • If you get frustrated trying to explain that very simple equation or answer to your kid’s but in vain then don’t bottle it up. Vent by indulging in a repetitive activity – exercise, cleaning, cooking -- more during the exam days. Rearranging drawers, scrubbing walls and making bread by slapping the dough repeatedly on to the counter, exercising till you are reading to drop are excellent examples.
  • Late nights are a bad idea. For you and your kid. Face the challenge of never-ending portions early in the morning and see the difference.
  • Keep your friends close at these trying times. You will need their moral support and assurance often.
  • Take a break between learning and teaching those chapters. And give your kid a break too. Be it social media or a walk. Live and let live.
  • Warn your spouse and maid/co-workers about your short fuse in advance. They need to know that it is only the exams and nothing serious. Please preserve your valuable relationships.
  • And last, but definitely not the least, stay away from the addiction of comparison. Take solace in the fact that you worked hard and shall be rewarded.
So take a deep breath, parents, and relax. It’s only a fortnight and will be gone before you realise it.