10 things you can learn only from an Indian mother

We published an article recently that pitted an American mother against an Indian mother (https://zenparent.in/parenting/how-would-an-indian-mother-and-an-american-mother-differ-in-raising-their-children) Here’s the other side of the story 

1. Discipline


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Yes, did you sometimes think how she managed to do everything in time? A Disciplined Routine is the answer. Wake up early, breakfast time, studies, hanging with friends and sleep, being disciplined really pays you good.

2. Supporting your loved ones


As kids, we always had our neighbors complaining about our behavior and pranks. But did your mom ever comply to them? Never! She would always stand rock steady supporting you and saving you. This is something we learn to do today by standing supportive for the people we love most.

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3. Being truthful


Can you lie to your mom staring straight into her warm eyes? Speaking the truth always seemed to be the best option than lie to her. This is how she taught us to be truthful in all our relations.

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4. Eating all veggies


Food habits! Ok, how many of you got punished for not eating your veggies? I bet a good majority of us always ended up getting punished for not eating our veggies. Today, if we relish the best variety of veggies in a restaurant and our great health, its all thanks to our moms.

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5. Believing in your instincts


As kids, every time we got stuck into a situation, Mom had the brilliant solution to help us out of it. All she did was just follow her instincts. Happily, we have all inherited the same genes and instincts to help us fight even the worst situations in life.

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6. Being a topper


She prayed for us, punished us, fed us and even became our alarm clock during the exam days. She is the one who taught us to focus hard and become a topper in almost everything we did.

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7. Staying alert


When had you your first boyfriend, who was the first one to question you about your whereabouts and late phone calls? Obviously your mom. She was always alert about her kid’s activities and friends. She is the one who taught us to stay alert and understand the situations around us.

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8. Punctuality


Reaching home late is a big time reason for the typical mom and kid fights. If it is 8, it has to be 8. A minute late and she would keep calling you with her list of questions already ready. She taught us punctuality, something your boss might also love about you.

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9. Cleanliness


Cleaning our rooms was the worst task of all. No messy beds, no messy wardrobes and absolutely no messy bathrooms. If your house is neat and well organized today, its all because of your mom.

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10. Mannerisms


Greeting elders, helping the needy and respecting others around us are all basic manners we were taught as kids. Dare you back answer an adult and you were showered with some real spanking. All thanks to Maa that people call us well mannered.

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