10 things only SAHMs will Understand

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Deciding to become a ‘Stay at home mom’ (SAHM) is not an easy decision.  Sometimes even our parents are not very supportive of this crazy idea of throwing away our college degrees and work-ex to decide to be the full time care giver of our child. As an SAHM, have some of these thoughts crossed your mind?1. Play Areas are mind-numbing/ boring: Yes, you love your children but taking your kids to the play area everyday and monitoring them can be incredibly boring. But you are not allowed to say it out loud.2. You are not allowed to be ill: No matter how terrible you feel, you cannot escape the responsibility of taking care of your kids. Sometimes, it seems that dropping your child off in day care and sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee is a better deal.

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3. You are always defensive: Being an SAHM, especially when you have infants and toddlers is an exhausting, all-day job with no breaks at all. Yet, you always have to defend yourself about what you do the whole day!4. You feel Jealous: You watch from your home as your neighbor, dressed in nice clothes, with a smart bag, heads out for work- and here you are in your dirty nightie wondering what you did with that hard earned Master’s degree.5. You sway : You have gotten so used to swaying to pacify your child that even when your child is not on your hips, you are swaying out of habit.

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6. Going to the grocery store alone is a treat : Grocery shopping is not very fun, but it becomes a vacation when you can go alone and not have to drag your toddler along and keep putting back all the things that they are throwing out of your cart or dragging down from the shelves.7. You want to hit people who ask you what you do all day : You harbor secret fantasies of slapping the person who asks you that question.8. You feel your self -worth is linked to your baby’s height and weight : Every pediatrician appointment is your appraisal on how good a mom you are. Did you feed your child right? His height and weight are the grades on your self- imposed report card.

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9. Performance appraisal : You wish there was a performance appraisal where you can get some outside recognition for all that you do. You wish somebody would give you an “atta girl” for all the hard work you put in. If you put in that kind of effort into a job, you would get a promotion, a raise, or if nothing, at least an ‘outstanding O' on your appraisal. As a mom.. Well.. It does suck to be taken for granted.10. You wish you could get paid: It always is nice to be rewarded for one’s efforts... and while, yeah, we get rewarded in the form of endless hugs, kisses and cuddles, wouldn’t it be awesome to be actually paid!?!This is not a debate on which option is better for women, or who is the luckier person or who made the better choice... but just a reflection of life... as is... I am sure I can come up with a laundry list of all the perks of being an SAHM... but it is also true that i have felt all of the above at some time or the other. Have you as an SAHM felt this way?To know if you can be an SAHM mom, click here.Featured Image Source