10 things a new mom needs in the 1st 6 months

Bringing a child into this world! The thought in itself is something huge, add to that 9 months of walking around with an ever increasing belly, back aches, foot cramps, etc. and you sure are overwhelmed when the little one does finally arrive.

Little one in hand, there is always a tad too much happening around you and inside you. More often than not, new mothers are known to question their competency as a parent and doubt whether having a baby was one of their better decisions.

Thus to keep one’s sanity and to do the best one can, it sure helps to be organized to begin with. Here is a checklist of the top 10 things you will most definitely need in your 1st six months of being a mom!

1. Nappies/ Diapers

The debate over cloth nappies or diapers is endless. As a parent consider which one is better for the kid, more cost effective and less work for you to take your pick. But choose what you may, remember to have lots of them. You will be amazed at how many times that little one pisses and poops! 


2. Nursing Cover-ups

Breast feeding is best for the baby and you, but gone are the days when one was stuck at home with the little one. As you take the little one up and about with you it is sure handy to have a nursing cover-up with you to ensure smooth and uninterrupted breast feeds, anywhere and anytime! 

3. Breast Pumps

If you have to get back to work, you have to get back to work! But that does not mean breast feeds need to stop, pump and store your milk for the little one to have whenever hungry! Also in case of medical conditions such as retracted nipples, pumps are a saviour!

 4. Bottles

Now, you may not be able to breast feed or you may just plain choose not to breast feed! Bottles are your aids to ensure the little one feeds and grows up just fine. Also in case you are pumping milk to store, you need your kit of bottles too!


5. Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby around with you is good for the baby and you too! The baby feels cosy and hey, you again have two hands to do all the work you want! Pack the little one into the carrier and go around your chores hands-free and hassle-free. With enough practise one can even breast feed the baby while in the carrier. Cool eh?


6. Car Seat

There are too many crazy-drivers on the road. Probability indicates you are either one yourself or are bound to meet one en route, thus one can never be safe enough. Buckle up your little one tight for a safe and comfortable road trip! 


7. Nail Clippers

Their fingers look so delicate and fragile, and their nails seem to be hardly there. But boy are they sharp and grow super fast! More painful than being scratched by your little one is the fear of them scratching themselves or hurting themselves owing to a half clinging on nail. Clip away at those little claws with great care! 


8. Teething toys

That first tooth may take ages to make its appearance but the stage sure begins to get set a long, long time in advance. Teething babies can be really cranky from all the pain they endure so give your little one good teething toy to chew away at, while giving you some respite from all that crying too! 

9. Play mats/ gyms

The minute the little one can flip, your worries double! The minute the little one can crawl, your insomnia gets worse! Move the little one off the bed and onto the floor. Spread that play mat/ gym to ensure a safer and more fun playing environment for the little one. And oh yes now you have one less thing to worry about! 


10. Baby Bags

Soon after birth your little one seems to invade every space of your life and become your world, at least initially. Moving around with this little world also means walking around with whatever is left in the world. So as nappies, clothes, wipes, food, etc. all find their way into your bag, ensure your bag is large enough to take it all in! You can never be sure of what you may need so yes, pretty much take everything along!



Remember this is just a broad list and there is so much more you are going to need, but at least you now have the basics covered. Over and above this of course is one important thing you need as a new parent, tons and tons of faith that you will get your sleep back, you will fit into your favorite clothes, but most of all that you are doing great as a parent!