10 Signs that you ‘could’ be a Strict Parent

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As much as we would like, there is no pre-requisite course of “Parenting” that we need to take before having kids, and kids don’t come with manuals. So it is basically ‘Baptism by fire’  for all of us, as we stumble through the process- making mistakes, learning from friends, trying to read books on it, googling up information, etc. But what if we are unaware of what kind of a parent we are!! Here are 10 signs that show that you may be too strict a parent!1. Your consequences do not match the misbehaviour : Do you take away your kid's TV time for a week because he/ she missed a day’s homework? Match the intensity of the misbehaviour with the punishment, else your child will become rebellious and soon, a rebel without a cause.2. You decide everything for your child: Are you the parent who feels you know best for your child and over ride all the decisions that your child makes? Remember that your home is also his training ground for making mistakes.3. You are always policing and not having fun: Do you feel as the parent, no matter how much you want to have fun, you HAVE to wear the policing hat because that is your role? Relax. Life is too short to be so serious.4. You are always the last to know: You are usually the last to know about your child's whereabouts and various events that happen in his/ her life. Your child is scared to tell you things and keeps postponing it till the last minute of inevitability.

strict parents can impact children badly- Parenting resources by ZenParent

5. Your child never brings his/ her friends home: Your child does not feel comfortable about bringing his/ her friends home because you have too many rules.6. My way or the Highway: You tend to hold this stance. Some of us do not want to relent on our supposed principles and ideals of how things have to be done. However “My way or the highway” is a strategy that did not even work well in the last generation, let alone this.7. You always are calling up your child’s friends to figure out what is going on. You find that you come to know of things through your child’s friends and not directly through your child.8. Your child is scared to come home after the exam results : If you have such high expectations of your child that he/ she is scared to come home after his/ her results, then you know that you have been a very strict parent.9. You feel powerful when you say 'No' : The word “No” expresses control and it can be a power trip. Weigh your answer carefully before you blindly disapprove your child’s requests.10. Your child asks for boarding school!: If your child starts asking to be in a boarding school, then you know for sure that something is not okay with your style of parenting !!All of us do have rules in our house and believe that discipline is very important in parenting.  However, we also need to be careful that we do not alienate our children in the process of being a good parent. True, you are not expected to be your child’s friend.But do lighten up. Live and Let Live :)