10 Signs that you are a Cool Parent

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We all secretly want the “cool parent” title, however it is probably THE MOST difficult title to earn given that you are ATLEAST 20 years older and they are the digital generation. While you have actually seen a typewriter, they don’t know what that means. They think it is hilarious that TVs use to be black and white and that it sometimes took weeks to communicate with people. But despite all this fluff, if you are truly a person who has stayed young at heart and rolled with the punches, here are 10 signs that you are truly a cool parent.1. You let your children decide what they want to do in life: Your children decide what they want to study, what kind of clothes they want to wear, where they want to study and what they want to do in life. You support them and do not try to force your opinions on them.2. You are the favourite parent of your kid’s friends! Your child’s friends love you because you are so much fun . You goof around when they come to your home, offer them beverages and snacks and make it fun for them to be at your home. You give them privacy and make them feel welcome in your house. You offer suggestions only when asked and you don’t turn grumpy because they turned on the music too loud.3. You can actually laugh at your teenager’s crushes: Crushes are a part of childhood and no matter how conservatively you were raised, by now you are in tune with the times and are matured enough to accept this part of your child’s life and truly think it is not a big deal.

cool parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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4. You don’t compare your child’s report card with the neighbor: You don’t fall into the trap of comparing your child with the neighbour’s kid or her cousin on how well she is doing compared to yours.5. You don’t judge their friends: Friends are very important to your child and when you judge your child’s friends you are distancing yourself from your child. So if you are cool with your kid’s friends no matter who they are, props to you!6. Your kids like to hang out with you: Your kids love to hang out with you and they think you are a riot. They enjoy your company and are comfortable being their natural self around you.7. Your kid’s friends ask you for suggestions /advice: Your child’s friends are always hitting you up for advice because they think you “get” them.8. You don’t nag your kid: The one “Achilles heel” that almost all parents have, is the “nag” factor. It is really hard not to nag your child about academics, discipline, cleanliness etc. If you can actually avoid that trap, you earned your badge!

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9. You have never embarrassed your kid in front of his friends: To the kids, their friends are pretty much #1 on their Life list! If you embarrass them in front of their friends, you are pretty much off the “cool parent” list!10. You and your kids listen to the same music: While you do love your Beatles and Kishore Kumar, you also have totally kept pace with Pit Bull and Bruno Mars. You hum the tunes with your kids when they play their music. Nothing bonds like music and you don’t lose your mind when your kids are playing their tunes in the car!So..... how cool do you think you are?Click here to read how a tired mommy feels...Featured Image Source