10 Reminders for your Kid on Teacher’s Day

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5th of September is here and for most of us (let’s face it), it’s just another day when the school is off and we, as parents, heave a sigh of relief that we won’t have to wake up for an early breakfast, dress up our kid and pack the school tiffin. The teacher’s day parties in schools are occasions which are ‘not really important’ (for many of us) as years pass by and can be given a skip. It is somehow ironic that we tend to give so much importance to education and exams but fail to acknowledge the source that imparts this knowledge. This year let’s do our bit by reminding our kids what their teachers have been doing for them and why does it matter.Here’s what you can say:1- Teachers had the choice of choosing any profession they wanted but they chose to share with you their valuable knowledge & experience accumulated over the years. Only a person who really cares does this and you should respect your teacher for that.2- There are many days when you don’t want to attend school for no real reason and take a break but have you heard of your teacher ever miss school just like that? He /she will only take leave when it is very important or if unwell. This shows the dedication towards teaching you even if you wish otherwise.3- Your teacher not only simplifies the difficult subjects for you but also answers endless queries to ensure you have understood. Further he/she gives you homework so that you register well what you have learnt earlier in class. Would you be able to learn by yourself by just opening your text books? Definitely not. You owe it to her today that you enjoy & comprehend subjects like math, science, English etc.

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4- Don’t you remember the times when you either had a tiff with your friends or were troubled with some other issue? And were probably sulking and unusually quiet in the class? Who had noticed it first and walked up to you to inquire what was wrong and had helped you solve your problem? You know the answer.5- Yes your teacher scolds you or yells at you when you fail to perform but have you noticed the smile that appears on your and his/her face when you learn your lesson and perform better.6- Your teacher not only helps you with your academics but with the other curricular activities too. Whenever there is a program or a function in school, I’ve seen you and your friends looking out for your teacher only for help and guidance and somehow it is her opinion that you trust in the end. That is the kind of faith you have in her and I’m sure it’s for a good reason.7- The teacher is the one who worries about your future as much as your parents. Doesn’t he/she repeatedly keep reminding you to study for ‘n’ number of hours in a day, or asks you to keep solving certain question papers or calls up to meet and/or update us on your progress and performance.8- Your teacher makes sure you reach home safely whenever there has been a delay in school sometimes after the annual day or a school party. She waits till someone arrives to pick you up and leaves after all the students have left. I remember your teacher calling once to not send you to school as there was a ‘bandh’ (strike) and she was worried for you.

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9- Who was that understanding person who quietly handed over a pencil/pen to you when suddenly yours snapped or stopped working during the exam and you panicked? Wasn’t she the same person who stood up the bus for you when you danced and ran to the loo at the last moment or realized you had forgotten your bag or water bottle somewhere?10- Your teacher is the one who has silent tears in her eyes when she hands out your result and hugs you with pride when you have been promoted to a higher class and shall no longer be her student whether you notice it or not.Teachers in our country have a tough job to do when they are piled with teaching and mentoring many more students than is humanly possible sometimes to handle. The teacher student ratio is ridiculous and yet they endure to make sure they not only do justice to their profession but are there for our kids in every possible way as friends, philosophers and guides. Should showing appreciation for them or acknowledging their efforts be restricted to only a day?Click here to read more on what to talk about with your child's teachers.Featured Image Source