10 Reasons Why Growing Up In India Is A Blessing

Animals on the streets. Colourful narrow lanes. Bollywood movies. Orgasmic food. Cultural diversity. You’ve experienced it all growing up in India. You might live in any part of the world, but no country can live up to the charm and teach as many things as this wonderful land. It teaches you compassion, diversity, passion, culture – in short, it teaches you the essence of life.

Here are 10 reasons why growing up in India is the best thing to happen to anyone.

1. We are nurtured by a rich diversity of cultures

India is a potpourri of diverse cultures. Nowhere else will you get to see people of different cultures living together harmoniously. We enthusiastically celebrate all festivals together, and have both Muslim and Christian friends.

2. We always had more occasions to celebrate

From Holi and Diwali to Durga Puja and Onam, so many festivals give us a reason to celebrate life every now and then. And the holidays that they bring with them are an added advantage. They are such a perfect time to shop, chill and be with family and friends.

3. From Punjab Butter Chicken to Bengali Mishti, we had a variety of yummy food to tickle our taste buds

This has made our growing up years even more memorable.

4. Bollywood taught us to dream big

Bollywood has been a big part of our childhood. From teaching us our first lesson in love to making us dance on the crazy numbers, it continues to add the right amount of zing in our life.

5. Growing up in joint families was fun

Who wants to move out of their parents home as soon as they turn 18? We believe in sticking around to not only our parents, but also grandparents. Our granny had the solution to fix all our problems with her gharelu nuske . Also, relatives add the right amount of entertainment in our life. Even if some of them are nosey, they almost, always have our back, and if nothing else, they add the right amount of masala in our mundane lives.


6. We were born into moral values

Even before Alok Nath came along, sanskaars have been an integral part of our country. We are proud of the moral values that our families had passed down to us.


7. India promises you a colourful childhood

The sights and sounds of India bring to life a kaleidoscope of colour . Growing up in India, there is never a dull moment in life.


8. Nowhere else will you see elephants and camels on streets

Leave alone keeping a pet, we’ve grown up with big animals right on our streets.


9.  A country of extremes, India kept us grounded

Ours is a country of extremes. Where there are the rich, there are the poor. Where there is luxury, there is hunger. The co-existence has taught us the essence of life and kept us grounded.


10. Our hard-earned freedom made us realize the value of things

The rich history and heritage of our country has made us understand the importance of freedom.  It has taught us to value what's important and respect one another.


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