10 points to remember while taking care of your little one

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When your children are growing up, it is the most vulnerable period of childhood because many a times, they can’t express themselves and remain completely dependent upon us or others in the house for all their needs. The following are some important points to remember while caring for your little one:-1. Every baby is born an angel, pure and undefiled, who has come into the physical body with great eagerness, purpose and ability. They are a gift from the universe and contain all the wisdom of the entire universe in their souls. These souls need only love and care for them to blossom and find their creative expression.2. Even though little ones are tiny, they continue taking in huge amount of information from the universe through the soft upper part of their head. In fact, all kids in their growing years have an inherent ability of becoming the wisest person in the world.

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3. Neonates have an amazing effect on grownups. Adults shed all their inhibitions, and radiate warmth, joy, gentleness, and lightness in the presence of a little one - putting aside their usual masks they enter a forgotten realm. A child’s very presence bestows grace and happiness upon parents.4. We all know that when a child is born, the first forty days of his/her life are very important and must be treated with great reverence. And even when the child reaches the age when he/ she begins speaking and learning about things and expressing himself/ herself; parents and children should keep some personal time to keep their energies in sync with one another to exchange new experiences and learnings. Quality time with kids help them get time to find their own rhythm and understand themselves better.5. Overstimulation exhausts little ones and holds them back from learning important first tasks, while under-stimulation and lack of attention inhibits their growth and development.6. Each child is unique and their individuality is reflected right from day one. Close observation of your little one tells the parents a lot about themselves.

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7. The mother's attitude towards her child has a significant effect in its long-term health and development. Intense or constant negative adult emotions, even if not directed at kids, can deeply affect them. Lessons of love and trust learnt at the stage when they are growing up form the foundation for a child’s emotional health in later life.8. Little ones need people who care for them, are interested in their development and are attentive to their needs. The idea of ‘quality’ time doesn’t apply at this age, because they need to know that they are being loved 24x7.9. Kids may cry for several reasons but it always means that they need something. Most of these needs are related to hunger, boredom, discomfort, overstimulation, wanting something, or loneliness. If their cries do not elicit a response, they will eventually become apathetic and unresponsive.10. Gentle, loving care and quick response to little ones’ cries creates a sense of trust and faith in them. They are assured that someone is listening to and caring for their needs.Click here to know how kids teach us some of the most important lessons of life that we generally don't realize in our daily lives.Featured Image Source