10 minute yoga asana for kids – By Vegan Yogi Subhashini Ramaswamy

“Which yoga class shall I enrol my child in?” No matter what age group your child is at, these asanas will help in building your child’s mind and body. Incorporating yoga in the privacy of your home, in just 10 minutes is easy!

Just follow this expert.

Subhashini Ramaswami is a teacher of Hatha, Power and Vinayasa style of yoga for many years now. She is an avid vegan nutritionist and a fitness instructor, and is a mother to three strapping kids. You can read her blog here.

“Yoga can help your child with concentration. But if the mother does Pranayama or meditation with her child she is also creating a bond with the child. The key is to do it without the pressure to perform. Success will come with consistency and routine.

Start with the Suryanamaskara. (Start with 1, build up to four sets)

  1. Inhale and keep arms on your chest.

  2. Exhale fold forward Uthana

  3. Inhale right leg goes back

  4. Exhale left leg goes back to Dandasana

  5. Ashthanga- drop your knees, chest and chin to the mat

  6. Inhale Bhujangasana,

  7. Exhale Adhomukha

  8. Inhale right leg forward,

  9. Exhale left leg forward.

  10. Uthana again

  11. Inhale arms over head

  12. Exhale to heart center.

This is half of one set. Repeat this with left leg to complete one set. See picture for better posture.

2. Mind power yoga

This is basically a squat holding the earlobe with opposite arm. Exhale you stand up and inhale you squat down. 10 reps. Small break. And 10 more. Picture may offer more clarity.

3. Shalabhasana

Children today do all work slouching in the front and their back muscles remain weak. Shalabhasana will help open the anterior chain of muscles and strengthen the posterior or back chain of muscles.

Lying down on the belly extend the arms over the head and lift your chest up, lifting the feet also. Hold for 5 counts. See attached picture for better posture.

4. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is also great way to open a child’s chest and improve flexibility. Picture gives you step by step guide.

5. Child’s Pose

A simple way to relax the body, child’s pose is perfect to relieve the stresses of recent exercise.

6. Pranayama

Sit in a yoga pose that is comfortable (sukhasana or vajrasana) and encourage child to live in the present without pressure to perform. This will remove anxiety and stress that children often face. The key to do that is Pranayama, or the calm observation of one’s thoughts. Ask your child to observe his/her thoughts like a third person. Watch the monkey mind!

Do this and your child will thank you all his life for the simple act of trust and love imparted!

Feature Image Source: Instagram