10 Best Things About Growing Up With A Sibling To Make You Nostalgic This Raksha Bandhan

Growing a little sentimental? Let's just go one step further before we swallow reminiscent lumps this Rakshabandhan. Anchal Kandpal's list is sure to take you there. Raksha Bandhan has always been one of my favourite festivals because this is the time when I actually get a chance to bully my brother. I still remember how we fought over petty matters almost every day and declared war over the T.V remote. Growing up with a sibling has not been an easy task but definitely it was an adventurous joyride, full of emotion and drama. Now that we have grown up and moved out of our home for jobs, I miss my brother more than words can tell. I miss fighting with him, I miss taking a bite from his pizza, I miss all those nonsensical jokes we laughed at. Just like me, I am sure you miss your sibling too! So this Raksha Bandhan, take a ride down memory lane and relive all those sweet and time-kissed memories you created with growing up with your sibling. 
  1. Saving him/her whenever s/he returns late from a party

  2. Stealing clothes from her and trying your best not to appear before her

  3. Trying to eavesdrop and hide your laughter when your sibling is being punished

  4. Convincing your parents to let your sibling go for a college trip and taking full responsibility for it

  5. Fighting over the last piece of pizza and ending up sharing it anyway

  6. Picking up your sibling's favourite snack every time you go shopping with your mom

  7. Trying to hush your sibling if s/he is crying so you don't get punished

  8. Providing money to your younger sibling when s/he is in dire need of it

  9. Making fun of your sibling's crush in front of his/her friends

  10. Taking each other's side even when your parents don't

 A version of this article appeared on indiatimes