10 Mean Things I Did As a Mom

When I became a mom, I became a nurturer, a caretaker and a-round-the-clock giver. But I have noticed that sometimes my erring human side subjugates my maternal instincts and this is what I end up doing.(Do you do this too? Please say yes and make me feel better)1. My husband bought some exotic pastries for all of us. My kids were not yet home and I, unable to resist my chocolate craving, gobbled them all up! (greedy greedy me)

mom eating cakes

2. I woke up late that day and I couldn’t manage to give my son his lunch on time. So I promised him I would get it across to him at his school. And I forgot! I got the dirtiest look when he got home. (Seriously, how could I?!)3. I keep warning my boys against the evils of being addicted to social networking. I have consequences for them if they overdo it. But I end up committing this forbidden sin myself all the time!4. Now this one is really mean. My younger kid was down with a cold but we still planned a dinner out as I was fed up of cooking. And that’s not all. I sipped a chilled cola as he watched me in disgust.5. We went shopping. And my boys swooned over the jeans and T shirts on offer. I threw a firm no at them saying it wasn’t on the spending plan. And then I went and bought a Zara top (Hey it was on a 50% discount. It would be illegal to let it go!)6. I made my son buy me an expensive Louis Vuitton bag from his summer job pay (Hang on! He said he didn’t want to spend that money anywhere and it was being criminally wasted!)7. I was bored of the routine. So I faked a headache and made my kids do all the laundry and dishes one Sunday. It was a pleasure watching them as they pitched in so ... er... unwillingly to help.

kids doing house chores

8. My son had his board exams and I pledged my whole-hearted support. I set an early morning alarm. It rang. I woke up, woke him up, saw him study and I dozed off!9. I had promised to get across a CD to a friend and it slipped out of my mind. When I met her, to save my face, I blamed my son for the lapse. ( I thanked him earnestly for keeping his mouth shut that day!)10. I made my kids stop playing their horrible, heart-thumping headache-giving EDM in the car requesting some peace of mind and then tortured them with retro Hindi songs for the rest of the drive. (I still can’t forget how grouchy they were) Such is life.mom in car