10 Life Lessons you can learn from your kids

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Kids are resilient, strong, positive and a joy to be around (most of the times). Why have we forgotten how to live so? Here are some honest-to-God life lessons that we can learn from kids –1. Every day is a new fresh start – Leave the excess baggage of the day before in the past. It makes for a happier you and a happier life.2. Be brave – It isn’t easy to let go of your guard. But trying new things keeps the excitement alive in your life. Embrace new experiences and learn from things that didn’t work the way you’d have liked.3. Be creative – Spend time on your hobbies and pursue what you love for hours together – think of your son with the trains he loves. Be it crocheting or reading, all that matters is the joy it gives you.4. Laugh yourself silly – As we grow up, we make sure to control our emotions to fit in with the worlds’ views. But guffawing at something, only like a toddler can, has it’s benefits. It makes you freer, open to the world and all embracing.

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5. Be active – If there’s anything that defines toddlerhood, it’s the boundless energy on practically no subsistence. Well, you can eat what you need but staying on your toes and getting some exercise everyday makes for a healthier body and in turn a healthier mind. Why forgo that?6. Keep your friends close – Kids love their playmates. So should you. They keep you sane, grounded and get you through the dark patches like nothing else.7. Be the hero – “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” – Nora Ephron. Much like the world revolves around the kids when they explain something, you should focus on being the starring role in your own life. In order to sound modest, society has tempered us into downplaying our own achievements and sounding mediocre. Reverse this role. And accept graciously all the accolades you deserve for your accomplishments. I promise you, it feels great.8. Celebrate the scars – A boo boo requires a band-aid for a child. It’s his badge of honor – his reward for bravery (sometimes admittedly stupidity). But take a leaf from your child’s book and celebrate your scars – be it physical or mental, for what they actually are – a sign of strength and survival. Don’t be afraid to share.

what parents can learn from kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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9. New things give new lease – Children give it their all in everything they do – be it punching a pillow or diving into the pool. Trying new things rekindles the excitement in our lives like nothing else. It awakens the spirit and exhilarates the senses.10. Smell the flowers – My son can watch the tumble dryer forever. I once sat with him and I figured it was therapeutic – a mindless numbing experience which somehow soothes. Oh and the fragrance. We’ve stopped appreciating the smallest things along the way. A pause here and there to smell the flowers and notice the sky will leave you feeling thankful for all you have.Featured Image Source