10 Creative Kid Date Ideas

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Ever thought of taking your child to his/ her favorite place on a regular day; when there's no special occasion? When was the last time you did something surprising for your child all by yourself, other than conducting the usual birthday celebrations or a family outing?I’ll admit it – ever since having a kid, my focus has been on date nights with the husband. Maybe have a babysitter (or willing grandparents), and head out for a movie or dinner with my husband to refuel the romance and so on. What I’ve realized though, is that since my son has grown a bit where he doesn’t need to be fed every 2 hours, where he doesn’t need diapers, where he can sit at a table without fidgeting for more than 10 minutes, I’ve enjoyed taking him out and having fun as I would with any friend. Recently I took him on a day trip to Germany (we live in France) just because he loves the ICE trains. Here are some simple and fun “date” ideas to do with your kids this summer –1. Outdoors – park/beach/hike/biking– Kids LOVE outdoors. This is no surprise. They love getting dirty, running like the wind and what not. Include whatever activity your kid loves. Be it hiking an interesting forest trail or just a day at the beach, you can have a relaxed day of fun in the sun with the kids around too.

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2. Bowling/snow-bowling/pool/swimming/arcade games – For the excessively sunny days, there’s always something to do indoors. Book one of these activities and let loose with your kids for a day they won’t forget in a hurry.3. Fast food junk day – Why do all kids love French Fries and McFlurry’s? We may never know. But once in a blue moon, letting them indulge in some will only get you more brownie points with them.4. Zoo/Natural park/Forest reserve – If you’re up for a bit of a long day and walking, what beats the zoo for young kids? Frankly, not much else and you too end up having a good time!5. Play/concert/movie – For slightly older kids with their own preferences, you could spring for some concert tickets of their preferred artist. It’s also a good idea to introduce younger kids to the arts through plays.6. Game night/sleepover – Making tents and sleeping in the living room is one of my favorite memories as a child. We would all watch a movie at home, play board games, eat kulfi that mom made and construct a “tent” in the living room with sheets under which we’d all fall asleep. Try and make some memories for your kids too!7. Day trips– Not really a vacation, so to say. But a chance to drive to a nearby tourist spot or to take public transport up someplace, do some sightseeing and come back in a single day.

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8. Shopping – Who doesn’t love shopping? Take your daughter and a friend for a day at the mall with some refreshments thrown in. Trust me, kids love it and when you playfully, ask them if you should pick something or not, they love acting all mature and don't shy away from offering to help.9. Sports – Indulge in a day of family sports for big gatherings. Make teams and get into the game spirit. You'll see your children mixing up well with the rest and all will surely end up having a memorable time!10. 'Do-anything-you-want' day – One day where our child gets to choose what he’d like to wear, do, eat, anything. Free pass. Give in.Alternate with your spouse so that each of you gets some “me” time, if required. It’s a wonderfully enriching way of connecting with your child, one-on-one. If you have more than one kid, try to make separate time slots for each of them, so that you get to know what’s going on with them individually.What else would you like to do? Share your ideas!Image Source: via Google Images