10 Benefits of Raising Kids in a Large Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex good for kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent
To meet the demands of the urban sprawl, builders today are constructing apartment complexes/villas with shared amenities like swimming pools, club house, tennis courts etc. There are a lot of benefits that these gated communities offer and many families are today choosing to live in a smaller space as a trade-off for the other amenities.1. Security: Large apartment complexes are usually gated communities, that are manned by security guards. This gives parents the comfort of protection as their children can  play unsupervised. Vehicles are usually not permitted near designated play areas which makes it extra safe for the children to play.2. Classes at your doorstep: An apartment complex usually has a club house where a plethora of group classes are conducted. Yoga, dance, martial arts etc, are conducted depending on the needs of the audience.3. Unlimited playmates: This is perhaps the single most important reason why some people choose apartment living even if it means sacrificing space that they are used to, in a larger independent house. Children will find playmates easily, across age groups, since there are so many homes  inside the community.ChildrenPlayImage Source : Interviewpenguin.com4. Family activities: Every member of the family can find activities to engage in. Senior citizens have Bhajans, pooja gatherings, chanting of scriptures etc. Adults engage in sports like badminton, table tennis, running in a group etc. Having so many productive activities to engage in and a social group they are part of, keeps all family members happy and offers less room for boredom and loneliness.5. Extended Support: In a community, you will invariably find a number of children attending the same school. This makes it easy for you to car pool for events etc. Also, if you are in a pinch and need a baby sitter for your children, it is easy to establish a mutual understanding of watching each other’s children when you have to step out. Given that most of us today follow the nuclear family structure, the network of friends can act as an amazing support system in case of emergencies like illnesses.6. Communal celebrations: In a community all festivals are celebrated. From Diwali to Christmas to Onam to Eid. Children participate with great enthusiasm in all the events and this helps children in appreciating diversity. Since they're exposed to people from so many different backgrounds, children tend to be more balanced.holi-594333_1280Image source: Flickr under creative common licence7. Access to amenities: The infrastructure is a great draw in an apartment complex. Unlike independent home living where the only way one can get access to facilities like a pool, tennis court, badminton court etc is by driving to a club, living in a community with these facilities puts all of these at arm’s reach.8. Contacts and Networking: Networking is the single most important skill that your child needs to learn for success in the real world. People management and managing relationships are important skills and living in large communities gives children opportunities to develop those skills by engaging in community projects etc.9. Great Source of Information: Parents are always looking for information about schools, extracurricular activities, music lessons, sports camps, summer camps... the list is endless. Community living gives you to access to all this information through the apartment email groups that you are a part of. You can ask any question in this forum of residents, be it a pediatrician recommendation or a dance class location.10. Collective Bargaining : There is strength in numbers. Since you can always round up at least 10 children for any activity, it is easier to get instructors to come to your apartment complex and teach classes vis-a-vis having to drive your child to learn the activity.Of course there are some drawbacks of community living as well - nothing can be perfect. Sometimes community celebrations might be a little louder than you bargained for, or kids might hit balls into your balcony which can be annoying. You have to pay for amenities whether you use them or not and you do have to adjust and play by the rules of the community irrespective of whether you agree with them or not. But overall if you have young children or elderly parents who might benefit from a vibrant interaction, then large communities are definitely a compulsive draw.