When a dad spends time alone with his kid

The kind of adulation a man gets when he takes his baby out for a stroll on his own is unbelieveable. First women (who are watching him) start to look around quietly and quickly to see where the mother is. When it’s clear that he’s alone with baby, the women mostly just lose it. If they’re in a bunch, they start to say, “oh how sweet, he’s spending time with the baby on his own, lucky wife!” If they’re on their own, they quickly text a friend, or in a direct attack, their husbands telling them about the sighting of this rare and wonderful creature that is a father alone with his kid.

Forgetting all the while, that most mothers spend most their time with their kid. Alone.

It’s not such a big deal.

We love this comic for bringing out exactly that. Everyday observations that are so VERY true. :))



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