The Ultimate Guide to Baby Carriers: types, how to choose, safety and much more

What do you think a baby carrier is?

Many people individuals believe it's only a sack tocarry babies. But there is significantly more to it. A baby carrier means that you have both hands free to work during the day. Since your little one is secured snugly against you, she won’t have much squirming room to distract you with. Plus the benefit of constant skin-to-skin contact – your child has become used to your heartbeat and breathing in your womb, and her own heartbeat and breathing can be regulated by yours. She’s calmer, she sleeps better, she cries less.

The most imperative and frequently disregarded factors of a baby carrier are its safety and comfort. How do you know what it’ll feel like for both you and your baby? Make sure you take a good look at the material it’s made of and the instructions on the box. Do they suit your needs? If they do, try it on once before you bring it home.

Additionally, an important factor to keep in mind is that your baby will grow very quickly. It is always better to find a carrier which is adjustable to support your growing child.  It is also important to ensure the straps and seat renders appropriate support in a secured way to your baby.

Follow the infographic below, first published on, which breaks down this information into more detail.

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