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Save yourself the customary long wait at the clinic! How? Avail medical counselling from our in-house doctor! Answers to all your queries right from the comfort of your home. Book an appointment now for just $20 and get a call from our Doctor.

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Register through our platform.
You’ll receive a confirmation from us.
Call from the doctor to discuss your issue.

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Doctor’s Profile


Dr (Wgcdr)A. Nagasubramaniam is an alumni of prestigious Madurai Medical college as medical graduate and Sri Ramachandra Medical college, Chennai as a post graduate. A senior healthcare professional, with over 20 years of clinical experience, he has handled paediatric and obstetrics patients as well as geriatric patients. He is proficient in six languages (English/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada /Telugu/Malayalam). He has practised medicine in all types of health care setups across the country.

He has conducted several health camps and talks for the benefit of the community. He has also been published in daily publications.


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​I was very skeptical at first. But once I talked to Dr. Naga, I realized that it was one of the good decisions I had made. I got a prompt reply, appreciate the response. Very valuable and helpful advice

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Dr Naga is very patient to hear what problem is and tries to investigate more by asking relevant questions.Overall a good doctor.


  1. What is Ask the Doctor Service?

    Ask the Doctor is an effort by ZenParent to keep its reader healthy and aware of issues related to pregnancy and parenting. Users can chat with the doctor and if they require consultation, they can request a call back from our doctor for a price of Rs 200.

  2. What will I get out of the consultation at ZenParent’s platform?

    The consultations comprise of:

    1. Personalised answers, opinions, advice and the latest medical information by specialist on all health issues i.e. diagnosis, condition, treatment, surgery and prescription.
    2. Opinions on lab tests and other investigations.
    3. Best course of action.

  3. What is not provided by Consultation service ?

    ZenParent doesn’t provide:

    1. Medico-legal opinions.
    2. Emergency medical advice, services or treatment.
    3. 24x7 service. You will get a call between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT) on weekdays.
    4. Actual diagnosis, treatment or prescription. Our doctor would only provide recommendations and medical information to help you with your health decisions and choices. We recommend discussing the answers with your local physician and making the best choice.

  4. How does the consultation work?

    The consultation is an easy three-step process:

    1. Register through our platform.
    2. You’ll receive a confirmation from us.
    3. The confirmation is followed by a call from the doctor to discuss your issue.

  5. Who is the doctor and what is his profile?

    You'll receive a call from Dr (WgCdr) A Nagasubramaniam. A senior healthcare professional, with over 20 years of clinical experience, he has handled paediatric and obstetrics patients as well as geriatric patients. He is proficient in six languages (English/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada /Telugu/Malayalam). He has practised medicine in all types of health care setups across the country.

  6. What should I include in my question to the doctor(s)?

    Here are some things you should include:

    1. Describe your problem.
    2. Describe the symptoms and time when you started experiencing them.
    3. How did you notice the problem? Did it start gradually or suddenly? Has it gotten better or worse? Does anything make it better or worse?
    4. Your medical history or family history with respect to the problem.
    5. Present medication, if any.
    6. Recommendations by treating physician i.e. treatment plan or suggestions by any physician you might have consulted before.

  7. Is it necessary to upload my medical records and files?

    No, you need to upload the files only if you have them handy and applicable in your case.

  8. What if I have more questions/clarifications?

    We understand that the best way to address your health concern is to do it at your convenience. You can converse with the doctor via email until you have all the answers. You can ask free follow-up questions and also add more details or upload files after the doctor has replied.

  9. How soon will I get a response?

    You will get a call in between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT) on weekdays. Let’s say you register at 10 AM. Then you can expect the call between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT). If you get registered at 5 PM on any working day, you can expect the call within 30 minutes, provided the doctor is not busy. Else you can expect the call from the doctor once he is available.

  10. How do I know if my registration fee has been received?

    You will receive an email from the payment gateway (i.e. Instamojo) once you make the payment. You will also receive an email from us with confirming the consult.

  11. What if there is a conflict of opinion between my doctor and ZenParent’s consulting doctor?

    ZenParent service is designed to support your health decisions and choices. In case of a conflict of opinion, we suggest you discuss the matter with your treating physician and decide accordingly. In all cases we recommend following the advice of your treating physician, as he or she can observe you physically and is in the best position to understand your case. Under any circumstances the information interpreted from the site and from the consultations should be put to use only after consulting your physician or other healthcare provider.

  12. What if doctor couldn’t answers my question?

    Don’t worry. We assure you that this has never happened and will never happen at ZenParent. But in the rare case of any technical problem or server issues, we will immediately refund all your money.

  13. What if the doctor doesn't answer queries up to my expectations?

    Our quality assurance team objectively audits all consultations for depth and patient-satisfaction. Thus it would be a rarity if your expectations are not met. If the doctor hasn’t addressed all your queries, or you need further clarification, we provide you with free follow-up queries to make sure you are completely satisfied and derive the best value out of your consult. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

  14. How does the payment work?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other common channels of online payment. We use Secure payment gateway and Instamojo so your information is secure. You don’t have to create any account with the payment gateways nor provide personal information like shipping information, name, etc.

  15. How secure is my personal data at ZenParent?

    We follow industry standard security practices and absolutely none of your personal information (email, personally identifiable information, uploads) is shared with anyone.

    For the benefit of other users, generally all consults are made public once they are closed. Please note, however, that none of your personal data and uploads, if any, are shared. By reading the public consults, no one will find your identity – it will just help others with similar medical queries and helps us demonstrate our services. We encourage you not to share any personally identifiable information in your consults. In any case, before making public any consult, we ensure all consults are proofread and don’t have any personal information.

    If you still don’t want us to share any information, please make a note in your consult and we will not publish it. Or you could email us at and we will take care not to publish your consults.

  16. What are the terms and conditions, privacy practices of your service?

    You can find the terms and conditions here and our privacy policy here. Only if you agree with all the terms and conditions you can proceed with the consultations.

  17. Why do you need my email?

    Your email is required for us to intimate you when your consult is replied by the doctor. It is not shared with anyone under any circumstances.

  18. I have a question(s) which isn’t included in the FAQs.

    Please email us at ​​. We generally reply within minutes.

T&C & Disclaimer


  1. You are expected to get a call in between 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT).
  2. We may use user’s medical information as a case study for the benefit other users. We will ensure to hide the identity of user with proper modification to personal information.
  3. “The Ask the Doctor” service should not be used in case of emergency.


  1. The consultation provided by our doctor (s) shouldn’t be considered a replacement of the actual diagnosis and treatment. For that, users are requested to consult the physician.

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