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Experts in Horoscope Consultation. Providers of customized unique astrological solution through proven methods to address variegated issues ranging from family, child birth, relationship compatibility, career to health. Have a detailed discussion with a renowned and experienced astrologer to guide you through.


Horoscope Package

Now you are just a click away from experiencing a fuller life. 60 minutes of horoscope consultation

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  1. What happens once I buy the package?

    Zenparents shares the number and email of the customer with Aadishakti team via mail and SMS/whatsapp. Aadishakti team gets in touch within 3-4 Hours with the customers (In reality, it can be even immediately) and fix a suitable date and timing for a call Aadishakti astrologer calls the client on given time and does 1 hour consultancy

  2. Who are the astrologers?

    For us, Individual is not important, however it is team of Aadishakti astrologers

  3. Will I get to choose the astrologer?

    No, however we will assign Sr astrologers only. So that both the company can have good reviews from customers

  4. Can I meet the astrologer in person?

    It is on phone consulting. In person meeting is not possible.

  5. What happens if I am not satisfied with the service?

    As explained we do our best, however 10% cases client may be unhappy. 99% times, it is due to they do not get the answer what they are hoping. For example, someone wants to get married to one particular guy/gal, however if our answer is different, they become unhappy. Other could be, He/She is expecting good increment, promotion or onsite assignment, however as per his/her horoscope, this may not be possible for that period, so they become unhappy

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