The Confident Communicator

Personality Enrichment, Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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Contact Person :   Ms. Deepma Jadeja / Ms. Sima

Contact Number :     9886991268 9886991268

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Address :   148 Green Glen Layout, Bellandur-560103 Bangalore


Age Group :  9 - 16

Individual Classes :  Yes

Trial Classes Available :  Yes

Transportation Facility :  No

Home Coching Available :  Yes


“Communication is a skill you can learn.  It’s like riding a bicycle or typing.  If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”   said by Brian Tracy and the beautiful and talented Katy Perry says, “If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.”   Most successful people attribute their success to having knowledge, believing in themselves, and being able to share that belief with others.We believe that assertive communication and confidence breed success, and that these are teachable, and therefore learnable skills.  Great success comes from challenging oneself outside the established comfort zone, and that is possible only if one is confident – not necessarily of never failing, but of being able to deal with inevitable failure positively and keep moving forward.Through our separate personal and corporate journeys of the last 2 decades - in human resources, soft skills training, market research, social media analyses, content writing and teaching - we have both developed a passion for education, and mentoring children in their journey towards greater confidence and communication skills.  We started with our own children, and before long, we were helping the children of colleagues and friends towards their goals of becoming self-assured young adults who knew their goals and were not afraid of working tirelessly toward their achievement.The Confident Communicator has grown out of the passion and belief that youngsters have to be challenged to move out of their comfort zone, albeit in a safe space, a space where success and failure are both treated as stepping stones towards future goals.   Where children are taught the basics of communication and presentation skills.  Where they have fun practicing, learning through their own mis-steps and from the mistakes of others.  We have created this safe platform to train our young students in the art of communication and confidence, with a curriculum that includes presentations, speeches, leadership and team building activities, responsible journalism, advertising etc.Have you ever watched a baby trying to take her first steps?  She falls and falters time and time again. She gets a lot of feedback on how to do it right.  She gets laughed at.  She laughs right back and cries a little too!  And, then gets right back up and tries again.  We want our students to be like that – we’ll provide the forum they need to keep on at it until they master the art of communicating and communicating well, with confidence and authority.  We’ll be there throughout - providing feedback, help, encouragement and yes, ultimately applause as well.