Gokulam Creche Montessori House of Children

Arts and Crafts, Dance, Gyms for Kids

Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

min age
class size
Individual Classes Available



Contact Person :   Mrs. Narisha Prithvi

Contact Number :     +918022284807 +918022284807

Email ID :   narisha@yahoo.com

Address :   No 20/2, Ali Asgar Road Bangalore


Age Group :  2 - 15

Average Fees :  Varies

Individual Classes :  Yes

Trial Classes Available :  No

Group Size :  5

Transportation Facility :  No

Home Coching Available :  No


Mon to Fri 4:00PM to 5:00PM


Gokulam Creche Montessori House of Children is present at Vasanth Nagar in Bangalore. It is one of the training academies providing classes in dance, gyms for kids and arts and crafts are provided by the institute at Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. The minimum age to get admission to Gokulam Creche Montessori House of Children is 2. The institute provides individual training classes to students requiring special attention or advanced level training. The latest class timings can be gotten from the institute by getting in touch with their contact person. Jut click on the Contact button to see the institute's contact details. The training programs offered by the institute are bharatnatyam. Want to get in touch with Gokulam Creche Montessori House of Children? Just use the Contact button on this page.