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Delhi Event:Travel Photography Workshop – The Basics At KUNZUM

23rd June 2018

Travel the World for Free: Good photographers get to travel the world, and even get paid for it. Kunzum will show you how.

If you are a good photographer and can shoot different kinds of subjects, you could well be travelling the world. For free, or even getting paid to do so.

Photographers are needed for all forms of travel content – blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, stock photo agencies, brochures and more. Subjects can include portraits, streets, events, landscapes, wildlife and food. Good travel photography is not rocket science – get your basic technicalities right, have a good sense of the art of photography and be willing to work hard to have it working out for you.

Would you like to be an influential travel photographer yourself? Ajay Jain, one of the world’s leading travel photographers, has curated a special workshop for you on the basics of photography.

THEORY + PRACTICAL: At Kunzum, we believe in the importance of Practical work – all our Theory lessons are backed with field shoots to enable participants develop a better understanding of what they have learnt in class.


Anyone can be a travel photographer. You can do this full time, or part time while you pursue a parallel career. You can do it for the money, or just for the joy of being able to travel. And you can start at any age – from your teens right up to your post retirement years. Your education and experience are no barriers either.

The course is suited for photographers of all levels and ages. You can shoot with any camera – DSLR, Point-and-Shoot or even phone cameras.


  • Know your equipment including different kinds of cameras, lenses, flash units, tripods, storage and other accessories.
  • Learn about basic settings and Shooting Modes (Auto, Program, Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority).
  • Understanding Light.
  • File Formats: JPEG & RAW; File Sizes and Concept of Megapixels
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field and ISO: These are the foundation of what photography is all about. If you understand these, much of your photography is taken care of.
  • This will be followed by a field shoot.

Rs. 3,000/-
Sign up in groups of 3 or more: Rs. 2,500 per person
Club Kunzum Members: Rs. 2,500
Students under 25: Rs. 2,000 (Against valid College / School ID; Under 25 years of age)