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The Milky Way! – A Visit to Mother Dairy Factory for Kids (12-17 years) FOOD / DRINKS GUIDED TOURS KIDS ENGLISH/HINDI 3 HRS

1st June 2016
18th June 2016
11:00 AM
Meeting Point: Outside Mayfair Garden Gate, Hauz Khas Metro Station Exit Gate no. 3
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The Summers are upon us, and so are the vacations!

On this tour hosted via SeekSherpa, witness behind the scene action at a Mother Dairy factory and understand the various processes behind milk and milk-based products manufacturing.

Throughout our lives, we consume amazing quantities of Milk and milk-based products. But have we ever wondered how is it that the milk and these products reach us? What processes are to be followed in an industry to make them consumable by us?

If you are still wondering how to get your children to drink up the milk, this is the perfect outing for your child. Unleash the inner explorer in them and make them understand the milk industry.

Did you know that Mother Dairy produces 10 different kinds of milk? or that Mother Dairy produces over 75 different flavors of Ice Cream? From Milk being pasteurized, manufactured, packed and distributed, to manufacturing of butter, cheese and a kid’s favorite-Ice cream, your children get to witness all the action.

The tour starts from Outside Mayfair Garden Gate, Hauz Khas Metro Station exit no. 3 and your kids will hop on to an AC Bus, which will take them to Patparganj, Mother Dairy Factory. After the factory visit, they will be dropped back to the start point. While on the bus, they play games and keep the children engaged in learning more about milk and having fun!

While they are at it, they will taste the super-delicious ice-cream at Mother Dairy. So Say Cheese – and make sure your kids never say no to drink that cup of milk again.

Suited for:
Kids, Explorers

Please carry water/beverages to keep yourself hydrated.

Seat in an AC Bus, a bottle of water, juice, refreshments and ice-cream!

Host Info:
Sherpa SeekSherpa

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