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The Bengaluru Colonial Church Trail – A Cycling Tour

21st July 2018

The Bengaluru Colonial Church Trail – A Cycling Tour

Join us on a three-hour bicycle tour into British Colonial Bengaluru, exploring influences of Christianity and visiting architectural remnants which the British East India Company left behind.

On this ride you will visit of five prominent churches of Bengaluru, learn of its political, cultural and rebellion movements that these institutions have witnessed. We will take you through 17th century Cathedrals of Gothic architecture, and regale you with stories about colonial India and its influences to Bangalore and its people.
These churches are Bangalore’s colonial legacy and their past is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Come join us on this 3 hour adventure and rediscover churches and glimpse into the colonial past of Bengaluru. Followed by a scrumptious buffet brunch tasting some unique Anglo-Indian dishes.

Note- Cycles Included.

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