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Sookshma – An Odissi Dance Show by Sanjali Dance Ensemble CLASSICAL DANCE OTHERS 1 HR

16th April 2016
6:30 PM
Rs.300/200 depending on seat location.

Ada Ranga Mandira,
JC Road, Infront Of Ravindra Kalakshetra, Corporation Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002, India

Sookshma is a presentation in Odissi Dance by the Sanjali Dance Ensemble based on a short story from A K Ramanujan’s collection of folk stories from India.
A beautiful young girl, A wondrous boon, A flowering tree.The anchoring roots delve deep in the earth, the quiet, strong trunk with entwined branches reach for the sky and the delicate leaves rustle as the wind passes by.And deep within, an ethereal spirit resides. Sookshma, she is delicate, nurturing and caring. She is a symbol of stability and abundance. She is generous and forgiving. She is a woman, born to be respected and treated with care.When treated with love and respect, she gives the best that she can. She is the link between divinity, nature and mankind. By respecting one, we respect all. Disrupting this balance hurts all. Is it possible that one day that she is left unprotected? Is it possible that one day she can be hurt so badly that she is damaged beyond repair? Who is Sookshma in her purest form?