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Puppet Play- Bhim and Hanuman

18th March 2018

Block this weekend to bond with your little ones and plug in some exuberance with the exciting Puppet Play – Bhim and Hanuman! Puppet Plays can be such fun, with artistic, colourful figurines coming to life to portray analluring story. Pleasure only doubles up for children if the story is based on the rich Indian-mythology, given the interest these epics have held in children for scores of centuries now!

This puppet-play is a depiction of a story in Mahabharath, where Bheem encounters Hanuman and mistakes him for just another monkey, during their 14-year exile.

Writer, Director& Puppets by MeenaNaik

Cast: VikramPatil, SanketGurav, ChinmayJadhav, Harshada More, PriyankaKotwal&Rajkumar

A Kalsootri Production