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Pune Event: The Story Station Presents ‘The Changing Giant’

19th June 2018

The Story Station Presents ‘The Changing Giant’

A project that started off at an initiative of our READ TO EXPRESS segment, today has taken shape of a wonderful story concevied, created and written by our 12 children [age 6-9 years] who stayed with us over 12 weeks.

In the 12 weeks, we read and explored the genre of “fairytales” which is apt for these dreamers! Each story brought them closer to what goes into making a fairy tale. Week over week, they sat together, read, were read to and closely understood how they can develop their story.

After 12 weeks, we now present to you – A one of its kind fairy tale which is a product of co-operative writing by 12 children.

The Story Station is honoured to bring this story which is conceived & written by the kids to an auditorium near you, on the 3rd of October 2015.