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Pune Event: Storytelling cum Clay Ganesha Making

23rd February 2018

Storytelling cum Clay Ganesha Making

Ganesh Chaturthi, a story from Indian Mythology on Lord Ganesha, and Clay Ganesha modelling

Along with a craft expert, we looking to conduct storytelling cum craft making workshops, based on the themes of the Indian festivals.

Yamini Vijendran – Storyteller
Yamini is the Director of WriteNow Communication Services. She is a certified storyteller who has conducted storytelling session in a number of schools in Pune and Bangalore. She is trained from the Academy of Storytelling, Kathalaya, Bangalore. Yamini has also authored a romance novella (e-book), and has written for a number of literary and parenting magazines both in print and online.

Aarti Kohli – Craft Specialist
Aarti is an IT consultant turned Boutique owner, who loves dabbling in arts and crafts. She has conducted various crafts workshops for the young and old. She is passionate about making innovative and interesting items from simple materials found at home.

Parents are welcome.

Register at with your name, child/ren’s name and phone number. For further details, call 7709113678.