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Pune Event: Ganesh Festival Tour

25th May 2018

Ganesh Festival Tour

Ganeshotsav, the most widely celebrated festival in Pune, is back. Celebrated in August-September, this 10 day festival marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh (lovingly known as Ganpati), one of Hinduism’s most revered gods. Ganpati idols are set up in over 3,000 mandals (public stalls) across the city. While most mandals are lavishly decorated, others feature tableaux of current affairs. TCC will undertake a tour on the 4th day and the last day of the festival. On 4th day, a select few mandals will be showcased during the tour, which will last about 3-4 hours. On the last day, the idols are carried across the city in a ceremonious procession for immersion in the river. A tour on this day will showcase the carnival, in which historical and current issues are presented in a colourful manner and the devotees will be seen performing on their Dhols (double-headed drums) in large groups on Laxmi Road. Rapturous cries of ‘Ganpati bappa morya, Pudchya varshi lavkar ya’ (Beloved Lord Ganesha, visit us again early next year) rent the air as thousands of devotees throng the streets to bid farewell to their favourite God.

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