Events & Activities


12th June 2016
9:30 AM

Sanskriti Kendra: Gurgaon,
Anandagram, Mehrauli, Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, NCR 110047, India

The weather is exactly right to get down and get your hands (and clothes) dirty. Wet clay, artistic expression, and pretty pottery – all in an idyllic environment with sprawling lawns, towering trees, flowering shrubs and lotus-ponds. You’ll be taught by a renowned master artisan.

Anyone above 18 years can try his or her hand at this fun, relaxing art form. Children above eight years are welcome, as long as a parent accompanies them.
You could be an absolute beginner looking for a brand new hobby or a seasoned potter; this should be fun for everyone.

Why Should You Go For It?
You’ll learn hand-building techniques of working with clay, working on the potter’s wheel (called throwing) and decorationtechniques.
In addition, you get to explore the Sanskriti Terracotta Museum, the Crafts Museum. The package also includes complementary refreshments.

Do wear clothes you’re not afraid to get dirty as pottery is inevitably messy. If you have children, take them along. And you get to take what you make home!

About the Venue:
The Sanskriti Kendra is the Foundation’s Cultural Centre located in an idyllic natural environment with sprawling lawns, towering trees, flowering shrubs, lotus-ponds, homes to birds and butterflies (Nature at Sanskriti). It serves as conducive space for innovative and interactive work.

About the Workshop:
Pottery/terracotta, the ancient tradition traces back to the earliest civilisation of India. Pottery is one of those important mediums through which men have expressed their emotions. For thousands of years pottery art has been one of the most beautiful forms of expression. A piece of pottery has a visual message in its shape and color. Potteries can be both handmade and wheel-made, which is practiced all over India.