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PokemonGo 1857 Trail: Independence Day Special CITY GAMING GUIDED TOURS OTHERS 1 HR 30 MINS

17th August 2016
10:30 am
Age Group:

Kamla Nehru Ridge: Delhi,
Starting Point - Gate Opposite VC Lawns, Civil Lines, Delhi, NCR 110007, India

Starting Point: Kamla Nehru ridge (Opp. VC Lawns)
Hidden-Pockets is back with a second round of WalkemonGO for all the walkemons who missed their last walk, bringing out the historic element this time.
Why should anyone go with them to play PokemonGo which you can anyway play at your own sweet will. So how many have you already been to the ridge? How many of you know that the ridge that we now use for jogging is the same trail which was an integral part of the Revolt of 1857.
They aim to take you back to our history of the first revolt of Indian Independence, this august. The trail includes the following spots: Flagstaff Tower, Chaurbuja Mosque, Pir Ghaib (inside Hindu Rao hospital),Ashokan Pillar, Mutiny memorial or Jeetgarh.
With so much of rich history in the background which we usually ignore. Let’s try playing PokemonGo and see for ourselves what are the pokemons that pop up. Can these PokeStops then become our pleasure pockets where we find happiness in the form of Pokemons? Can the walled city of Delhi become more familiar to us post the walk? Let’s find out for ourselves. Let’s explore what we find for ourselves in the historical trails of our recent past, creating augmented realities around.
Do wear comfortable shoes and carry a water bottle with you.
Contact: 9873109968