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Parental Pleasure – Father & Child Summer Camp ADVENTUREKIDS OTHERS

9th April 2016
10th April 2016
9 Am
Rs, 12900

Bannerghatta National Park,
Bannerghatta National Park, ., Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083, India

There are some things that cannot be taught in the limiting confines of a classroom. They need emancipation, and a venture into the outdoors for the learner to feel, experience and glean lessons first-hand.And through the ‘Parental Pleasure’ Young Naturalist Camp, that is exactly what your child can do – all under your vigilant supervision and loving care.This special two-day Camp has been designed to impart natural history education to young minds in a fun and effective way, while involving parents. So your child can feel at home even as they open up to the wild – and blossom into fine young naturalists.

Virtually in the backyard of bustling Bangalore, the Bannerghatta National Park is a unique one, in that it is one of the world’s closest wildernesses to a metropolis and is home to wild elephants. The park also hosts leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears apart from the commoner mammals, and boasts of over 170 species of birds including the rare rufous-bellied eagle and yellow-throated bulbul.

And designed to let budding young naturalists explore these riches, this Camp is a journey of discovery into parts of this park that are seldom seen by tourists.

Staying at our new property by the edge of a gleaming lake that seems straight out of a fairy tale, the group of budding naturalists will, in this idyllic setting, learn fishing, play nature games, and enjoy singing around a bonfire to have a whole lot of fun in unsullied environs – while their fathers trade parental pressures for the simple pleasures of a natural life.

Join in on your child’s journey of discovery as they explore the wonders of nature, tide over the hills, snake through the valleys or simply reflect quietly by the lakes on each day, while the expert Skipper, who is the biggest hit with kids since Robin Williams apart from being an ace naturalist, keeps the children entertained to ensure that they develop a whole new perspective of learning – and of the world itself.