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6th August 2016
15th October 2016
see below for dates and timings.
Rs.2500 to Rs.6500
Age Group:
13 to 15 years

Zee Media: Noida,
Essel Studio, FC-9, Sector - 16A, Film City, Noida, NCR 201301, India
Sat 06 Aug, 09:30 AM
Seeding JournalistRs. 6500
Sat 13 Aug, 10:00 AM
Young Fashion DesignerRs. 2500
Sat 27 Aug, 10:00 AM
Young Ad GuruRs. 2500
Sat 03 Sep, 09:30 AM
Seeding JournalistRs. 6500
Sat 10 Sep, 10:00 AM
Young ArchitectRs. 2500
Sat 17 Sep, 10:00 AM
Young Fashion DesignerRs. 2500
Sat 01 Oct, 10:00 AM
Young Ad GuruRs. 2500
Sat 08 Oct, 09:30 AM
Seeding JournalistRs. 6500
Sat 15 Oct, 10:00 AM
Young ArchitectRs. 2500
Sat 15 Oct, 10:00 AM
Young Fashion DesignerRs. 2500

I am a Seeding Journalist

This program will give the students first-hand experience of how news is collated, processed & disseminated through various media vehicles like TV, Newspaper and Online. This program is meant for students with varied interests, as journalism covers topics ranging from Sports, Entertainment, Social behavior, Tourism, Political, Legal, Electronic, Defense, Wildlife, and Economy etc.Hence, this course would be a perfect grooming opportunity for students helping them discover where their passion lies. This module consists of workshop and debates/ discussions that will stimulate their minds to explore and understand the world around them.

To enhance their communication and inter-personal skills, students will receive voice intonation and modulationcalls. They will in turn be implementing the same skills to formtheir own anchor linksandlive a day as a journalist.

I am a Seeding Journalist is a program that promises to bring out the hidden talent of students and instill confidence in them.

Batch Dates
Batch 1: 9th July- 23rd July 2016
Batch 2: 6th August- 20th August 2016
Batch 3: 3rd September- 24th September 2016
Batch 4: 8th October- 22nd October 2016

– Anchoring
– Participating in a press conference
– Conducting Interview
– Report formation
– Newspaper Creation
– Discussion with experts

I am an Ad Guru

This one-day module has been designed to give students an insight into the creative and quirky world of advertising. They will learn about thetypes of ads in Print, Broadcast and Online mediaand how the process for creating them involves loads of hard work from various department of a single agency. This module will begin with a thorough interaction and discussion with an expert from this field. The students will get to understand each and every process that goes into designing a single Ad.From client servicing to planning to creative, this workshop willacquaint them with all the divisions.

During the workshop, students will have tocome up with a product and its pitch. They will later have to present itin front of our expertand will be reviewed on the basis of the same.

Students would learnvariousadvertising strategiesthatprovide the framework for any businesses to develop and proliferate. This module will help them realize their creativity quotient and will indulge them in some fun-filled and interactive activities.

Batch Dates
Batch 1: 16th July 2016
Batch 2: 27th August 2016
Batch 3: 1st October 2016

– Understanding the world of advertising
– Learning from real-life case studies
– Discussion with experts
– Creating a 360 degree Ad pitch for a product

I am a Young Fashion Designer

As glamorous as it sounds, this profession requires tons of hard-work with a bag full of creativity. Through this 1 day module, students will be able to form a good understanding of the fashion designing world if they want to pick this as their career.

They will get a chance to learnabout color patterns and palettes, silhouettes, styles,seasons, fabricsfrom the experts from this field. They will also understand how a fashion designer conceives garment combinations, proportion, color, and texture, sewing and pattern-making skills, etc. They will then conduct a thorough research on a given assignment by the expert and create a design of their own.

Batch Dates
Batch 1: 13th August 2016
Batch 2: 17th September 2016
Batch 3: 15th October 2016

– Micro level and Macro level drawings
– Comprehending climatically accommodated designed buildings
– Discussions on Futuristic and concept based architectural structures

I am a Young Architect

A profession that is almost always in profit! This 1 day module will help the interested students understand the prerequisites of Architectural Designing, intricaciesof Macro and Micro level drawings, comprehendingclimatically well designed buildings, etc. During the span of the workshop, students will interact with an expert, followed by research. After their research and development, they will through real-life examples understand and implement the nitty-grittys of architectural techniques in their project. They will understand designing a floor plan and will actually get to design one.

Batch Dates
Batch 1: 30th July 2016
Batch 2: 10th September 2016
Batch 3: 15th October 2016

– Sketching techniques
– Fabric identification
– Silhouettes and patterns and their significance
– Style tips
– Internships to the most deserving participants