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NCR Event: ‘Ready for Life’ – Empowering Children to be Life Smart

19th March 2018

‘Ready for Life’ – Empowering Children to be Life Smart

Today we live in a very different environment compared with the one which existed when we were students. Society continues to evolve and thus with new opportunities brings new challenges for us.

With a evolving society, not only are we faced with the threat of the ‘unknown path ahead of us’, but also changing aspirations about what we want our kids to be.

How can the Education System evolve to address this concern? Are being ‘New Generation’ or ’21st Century ready’ just buzzwords, lacking clear vision and action towards addressing the concerns and aspirations of today’s parents.

The big question looming today is – with the old way of doing things, are the existing habitats making the Children of today – ‘READY FOR LIFE’?

Come and join in for an interactive session with the experts.

Aparna Samuel Balasundaram – a leading Parenting expert, would shed light on ‘How Parents should tackle a child’s behavior today to strengthen their chances to succeed tomorrow?’

Rohit Kumar – a leading Motivation & Skills expert would carry out a session on ‘How children should be empowered to be Life Smart?’

Experience the ‘Healthy Eating Zone’ – with ideas and recipes to make those ‘fussy eaters’ start looking forward to and loving their meals.

While you listen to the experts, let your children immerse themselves in the ‘Kids Experience Zone’ – where they will get a chance to learn and do some fun activities under the supervision of our teachers.