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NCR Event: EPIC CHANNEL presents Magic Show

19th April 2018

EPIC CHANNEL presents Magic Show

On the occasion of Independence Day, EPIC CHANNEL presents Magic show Gilly Gilly Zill Zilly. An amazing magic show by Epic Children which thrills children and parents alike and rekindles the old days of Gilly Gilly Zill Zilly.

The Magic Show will be conducted by Prince Sil and Roshni from Kolkata.
As creative performers, they have designed and created many uncommon magical items which have been appreciated by the magic-world. Magician Prince Sil and his daughter Roshni perform a 1 hour act based on themes like National Integration, world peace, cigarette-smoking and health hazards, The colorful relationship between husbands and wives, stress relief and slimming etc. Apart from these, there are some items with audience participation on stage, where they are involved in fun with their belongings. These have always been a hit and remembered by spectators. After various magic acts, the show will end with the ‘Bullet Catching Act’.