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Mumbai for Kids: The Writer’s Bug – Nurturing Creativity in Every Child

19th March 2018

A group of voracious readers came together to promote their love for reading and writing and to reach out to creative young minds to pass on the bug. With a strong belief that children have immense potential to write, given how imaginary they can get, ‘The Writer’s Bug’ started conducting workshops to nurture the writer in every child.

The Concept:

Children love to create stories. In fact they live in the world of stories, constantly making up characters and situations with wild possibilities and thrilling anecdotes. It is this imagination that ‘The Writer’s Bug’ endeavours to shape up. Their workshops encourage children to put their thoughts in words and illustrations, conceiving ideas and making their very own stories.

This year, some of the best and most passionate children’s authors and creative artists have come together with a creative writing program, ‘The Writing Well’, a year-long program with 20 sessions to be conducted every Sunday for 9-12 year olds. The program aims to help every child delve into their world of imagination and put it on paper through words, dialogues and illustrations. They explore different genres of writing including poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

The Writer’s Bug also conducts annual Literary Festival for children, where children from various age groups come together for fun events related to Book Reading, Story Narrations, Puppet Shows, Making Their Own Tales, Rhymes and more.


  • Encourages children to read and write quality literary work
  • Creates ample scope for your child to enrich vocabulary and spruce up grammar
  • Boosts Self Confidence, as children come up with their own creations and present them to others
  • Improves social skills, as children tend to mingle with their peers and work with them.

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