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Mumbai for Kids: Musical Bonding

19th April 2018

ZenParent is excited to start this series on all things Mumbai has for kids. In this series, we aim post our review on some wonderful kiddie places in Mumbai, these could be Amusement Parks, Gaming Zones, Indoor Play Areas, New Parks in your neighbourhood, and other unique places for kids in Mumbai.

This series will also cover some top-of-the-line activity classes on offer for kids in Mumbai.

Check out this space for our weekly updates, to be posted every Thursday, on all attractions for kids in Mumbai!

Musical Bonding – A unique parent child program to boost social and emotional development in children

Aditi Shah was one of the many moms, working as an Architect at San Diego, USA. After the birth of her two adorable children, and switching to a work-from-home routine, Aditi realised, she wanted to take to something more enterprising towards enriching children’s activities. ‘The Music Class’, which she attended at San Diego with her son inspired her to start ‘Musical Bonding’ run in the same lines as ‘The Music Class’, a vastly popular innovative music class for parent and child run very successfully in USA.

Musical Bonding is now at 14 locations across Mumbai with 12 different instructors, all of them highly qualified mothers, pursuing a passion they share for kids.

The Concept:

Musical Bonding is a music and dance program designed to foster child development with the incredible benefits of music. Parent and child are encouraged to attend the program together, as a lot of research proves the extraordinary role that music can play in nurturing a profound bond between parent and child. Research has proven that music has a great impact on young minds, when exposed between the age of 0-5 years.


  • The songs are peppy and are sure to brighten up you and your child.
  • It’s a great platform to meet somebody in a similar phase
  • As the music is picked up from various cultures across the world, it is sure to give your kid great exposure to the world of music early on
  • Your kids can lay hands on a number of unique musical instruments, designed exclusively for kids of this age
  • You get to spend one hour of undisturbed, exclusive time with your precious little one, atleast once every week.

Contact Details:

For more information, visit

You could also call on +91 – 9769910499 for details. will give you areas in which these classes are conducted.