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Mumbai for Kids: Enjoy-a-Ball – A Sports Coaching

18th August 2018

Pooja Erande and Neha Garg, both mothers of two adorable girls quit their high-paying jobs after their daughters were born, to pursue their passion for children. Together they travelled to West Lothian in UK to get trained in a unique sports coaching program to train young children in multiple sports.

Pooja and Neha set up their first Enjoy-a-Ball Sports Coaching Centre in 2012 in Kandivali, a western suburb in Mumbai, running it in the  same lines as their parent company in the United Kingdom. They have now expanded to 7 centres across Mumbai and are growing steadily, reaching out to more and more kids, offering them an active lifestyle.

The Concept:

Enjoy-a-Ball offers a multi-sports coaching program to train young children in ten ball sports in a “caring, positive, fun filled atmosphere”. The program lays a foundation and exposes children to the rules and concepts of different sports, while encouraging life skills such as Confidence, Independence and Social Interaction.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and friendly, affable coaches the ambience is very encouraging and appealing for children. They have one hour sessions, once every week and the program is divided into three stages depending on the developmental stage of each child.The training gets more challenging as each child’s skill progresses with each stage laying a foundation for the next.

What I love the most, is their “Floating Trophy” which they give out to the best performer at the end of each class, ensuring that every child in the class is encouraged to win it at one time or the other.


  • Small class sizes, with never more than 12 children in each class, so that every child get individual attention
  • Aware coaches striving to build children’s self-confidence through the medium of sports
  • Opportunity to build essential skills such as will power, perseverance, discipline and losing gracefully

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