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Mumbai Event: The Adventures of Noddy

21st July 2018

The Toytown fair is coming to Toyland and Noddy and his friends are looking forward to witness the magical tricks to be performed by Big Ears. But Big Ears’ Toy Town Fair act is threatened when moondust stops falling from the sky. Meanwhile the troublemaking Sly has an evil plan to steal the magical powder to cause harm to noddys car and become the most powerful and rich person in Toyland. Does Sly succeed in his evil plans? Does he manage to ruin noddy’s car? Who comes to help Noddy in time of crisis, is it an evil witch or a prince charming? Do they really help Noddy or take advantage of his kind and generous behavior?

Come witness the magical journey in The Adventures of Noddy which has a pinch of comedy, action, drama and mysterious secrets.

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