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Mumbai Event: Speech and Drama

23rd July 2018

A unique course for confidence and imagination building that encourages team spirit, positive attitudes and leadership qualities. Public speaking, elocution and day-to-day social interaction are the prime focus. Poems, conversation English pieces, improvisations and choral work are also part of the course.

There will be an informal, interactive stage performance at the end of this course, after which your child will receive the ‘ACE- Basic Course Certificate’.

– Individual attention for each child
– Building on their public speaking skills
– Encouraging team work
– Building self-confidence and creative thinking skills
– Giving the children a sense of belonging
– Creating a non-stressed, non-competitive atmosphere in the class
– Giving the children a fun filled learning experience
– Workshops designed around ‘free-flowing thought’ and improvisations using theatre games
– Encouraging the children to express themselves creatively
– Personal interaction with parents
– Overall personality development

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