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Mumbai Event: ScienceUtsav’s Science Fun club program

22nd March 2018

ScienceUtsav’s Science Fun club program

Age group
7-9 yrs old
10-12 yrs old

Chemical mania
Experiments and activities :
– Whats the matter
>Intro about how to use the chemicals, chemical lab etiquettes.- Physical and Chemical properties
>Matter and materials, Properties of materials, Atom and molecules

-Heat’em up!
>States of matter, effect of heat on materials.

-Pressure on materials
> Expansion and contraction, demo of different materials.

– It’s so dense
> Density and volume, Relation between Mass

– Seperaration Science
>Seperaration technique, Indicators and their application.

– Solid and liquids
> Difference between solid and liquid, arrangement of Atoms

– Gases
> Experiments to produce some gases, arrangement of Atom in Gases.

– Worksheets and fun conclusion
> Mixing science, Elements and compound, worksheet and quiz

– Introduction to lab
>Intro about how to use the chemicals, chemical lab etiquettes.

– Physical and Chemical properties
>Properties of materials, Experiments to determine the physical and Chemical properties.

-Effect of heat on materials
> Demo of heating materials, Position of atoms and molecules, Density and Volume.

-Pressure on materials >Expansion and contraction, Demo of different states of matter.

– Fluids
> Properties of fluids
– Mixing science
> Elements, Compounds & Mixtures, How materials react
– Metals and Non metals
> Differences between metals and non metals, Experiments and demonstrations.

– Pure substance
> Determination of purity, Impurities in foodstuff
– Worksheets and fun conclusion > Chemical reactions, Worksheets and quiz, Cross words.