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Mumbai Event: Rearing a Butterfly : Unlocking the Mysteries of Nature

19th March 2018

Caterpillars make great, easy pets for kids and adults. As long as you provide them with enough to eat. the best part..????????????? You get to watch the little critters wrap themselves up in an intricate cocoon or chrysalis, then magically emerge days or weeks later as a beautiful butterfly. What could be more rewarding than that? ? ? Saving and rearing a wonder of nature ,….. Butterflies are important to a garden!…Rearing butterflies gives a philosophical insights about Life,,, If you want to rear your first , then join us Come and investigate the mysteries of these wonder’s life cycle and learn how to attract them at home… I just want to share my experience & joy of rearing butterflies… 1.introduction of butterfly life cycle. 2.know about plants which attracts butterflies. 3. one caterpillar to rear your own butterfly. 4. printed instructions on how to rear your butterfly carefully. minimum contribution for workshop is -700…(including take home cocoon or butterflyl) Our Workshop is suitable for both adults and children. to better facilitate the children in learning, will recommend with the company of adult. Registration are on first come first serve basis..